Having lived in the beautiful town of Lymington my whole life I have always been a great lover of the outdoors, be it sea or forest. Foraging for mushrooms, or picking seaweed on the foreshores with my father since I could walk has taught me to look out for what our planet has to offer.


Beach walks were always a pure delight to me, finding 'treasure' down by the sea, something as an adult so easily forgotten in every day life.


Since getting our little dog ‘Yogi’, beach walks became an every day occurance for me and I'm lucky enough to be able to follow my dream of creating these one off pieces that just seem to come from my imagination.......






It all started with finding the odd piece of sea-glass shining up at me from the ground on my walks with Yogi. This triggered the hunter gatherer in me!! It was then I started to notice how much marine debris and plastic there was on our beaches.


I decided to try have a go and make something with what I was collecting only to discover that the rubbish was a great & versatile material to do this with, especially with all the colours everything is.  Sadly once I started to look, my eyes have been opened as to how much rubbish there really is out there on our beaches, and im hoping my artwork helps to raise awareness of the problem that we have.


Now each walk I have my bag with me and pick up anything ranging from, bottles, rope, plastic, rubber, old toys to sweet wrappers! Doing a good deed as well as sourcing materials for my work!

Such a wide variety of things are to be found, and what I love most is, you just never know what your going to find, therefore I have no idea what piece of art I will make next until I’ve actually found some ‘SEASTUFF’ !!

Once back in my little studio, and all my stuff is cleaned and dry, I can then study each finding and let my imagination run wild with me & what I can possibly make!!



Absolutely everything I make is made PURELY from marine debris and things I find on the beach - there is nothing  addded or painted at all.


I donate a small percentage of what I make towards to 2minutebeachclean organisation




Whilst my art is heavely influenced in what I find, I will do commissions, so if you have an idea, please get in touch as I am more than happy to talk about any bespoke pieces, as long as it fits with the latest finds....










The Shed  Southampton rd 

Lymington  SO419GH   UK  



+44 0 7885595471


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